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 Membership is divided to :

  • Personal  Membership.

  • Institutions Membership.

Active member :

  • All workers in the field of electronic media and information technology and graduate . graduate or student” have the right to join the Union, provided that the exercise of”this profession through the media institution full-time or part-or trainees or volunteers vowing to “abide by the provisions and objectives of the Statute of the Union and .decisions of the Advisory and executive Commission.

  • And not to be convicted in a case involving moral turpitude or moral or criminal cases and meet the conditions of membership and steer to the value of the annual subscription.

Institutions is an associate member :

  • Private foundations.

  • Government institutions.

  • P NGOs.

  • Educational institutions.

  • An electronic media organization that meets the conditions specified by the professional statute, nominate a representative of the Union to hold the participant status.

  • Adheres to the materials of the Statute of the Union and the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Executive and Advisory committees.

  • To have an editor and director of the programmer and the address of a clear and formal means of communication and clear .

  • The institution will not be recognized as a member if it does not pay the annual

Honorary member :

  • Honorary membership is granted to any person or organization who provides a valuable service to the Union, whether material or moral or participate in important activities of the Union in the world and is nominated by the advisory committees, as literary, cultural, scientific, technical, media characters and are
    considered as icons and pioneers of the electronic media.

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